Our Vision

I.S. 143 Eleanor Roosevelt Intermediate school promotes a middle school environment and experience 

that support each student’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development.  We provide a 

learning community in which all our students have opportunities to achieve at high levels of excellence 

through a dedicated staff; a wide range of hands-on and minds-on classroom activities; and extra-

curricular programs.  

Our Mission

Our school’s core belief is that education is the foundation of opportunity and our strong partnerships 
with families and the community strengthen our shared efforts on behalf of our students and with our 
students.  We strive to guide our students through their adolescent years, inspiring and supporting their 
developing self-awareness and their pursuit of the diverse possibilities of their place and purpose in the 
world. Our goal is to ensure that all our students reach their personal best in school and in life, through 
rigorous Common Core Learning Standards-aligned curriculum, enhanced by real-life experiences that 
further empower our students to explore and develop their diverse interests, talents, and abilities, as 
they discover themselves as emerging adults.

Special Programs

We are proud of the many partnerships and services we provide to support the development of the whole child and address the complex and multi-faceted processes of raising physically, socially, emotionally, and academically successful  children.  Students’ learning and development  are greatly enhanced by the affiliations with our partners, such as: Yeshiva University (START); Yeshiva Tutors; Columbia Medical and Dental Clinic; CHAMPS sports programs; LTG Grant  to advance students’ technology access and skills; Alianza Dominicana (Community-Based Organization); BELL-Building Educated Leaders for Life(Community-Based Organization); MSQI Expanded Day Program (Middle School Quality Initiative).

Special Features

Among the distinct features of our school are the following: two guidance counselors; authentic,  hands-
on project-based learning ; access to technology; sports teams; talent classes, including art, music (vocal 
and instrumental), photography; student leadership and Student Council. We continue to expand and enhance our programs and services to continually meet the changing needs of our students.  Our ongoing collaboration with parents, staff, and students keeps us current and in touch with the multiple perspectives and ideas that are shared throughout the year.