Catholic Charities/Alizanza Dominicana

Project START (Students, Teachers, and Researchers Teach) Science! is an initiative in which students from Yeshiva University, accompanied by professors from YU, design and implement scientific curricular modules in a local public school. The pilot program, started in Spring 2011 and consisted of 8 courses in the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Engineering and is currently taught in science classes. This is an excellent opportunity to put into practice the theory learned in class while simultaneously helping the Washington Heights community. START is run by the YU ACS Chemistry Club.

Project BOOST

(Building Options and Opportunities for Students) is CEI’s signature enrichment program which helps students gain the skills and talents necessary for long term growth and success. The Project BOOST model provides academic support, social and emotional skills support, cultural enrichment and community engagement. Project BOOST provides character- building experiences, nurturing individual aspirations and communicating the possibilities for unlimited success, regardless of background. Academic support includes interactive, hands-on STEAM instruction, coding and robotics, academic goal setting, and college visits. The program includes customized museum learning experiences aligned with curriculum through partnerships with institutions such as the Bronx Zoo and the New York Hall of Science. In addition, Project BOOST provides social emotional support and teaches social skills. Ongoing guidance includes age-appropriate activities focused on personal goal setting, team-building, character education, and employment skills. BOOST is designed to serve the school and community’s needs and can be integrated into the school day, after school and even includes activities on nights and weekends. The experiences that students gain in these programs are often life-altering for them. Among the aspects of the programs that students remark on are the unique experiences that they feel are otherwise beyond their reach, the value of gaining one-on-one mentoring and guidance, a sense of increased self-esteem, gaining positive values, and a recognition of the importance of academic commitment and achievement.